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This facet of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven has given me the most grief. The grief comes largely from the religious leadership community. The idea the Kingdom can be accessed in simple practical ways cuts across many traditions. I am apologetic to my spiritual family. This work of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven is derived largely from my lifetime of experiences. While I am deeply rooted in all kinds of spiritual traditions from orthodoxy to new age I am not at all limited by any of them. I embrace the Kingdom wherever I experience it. This section of our kingdom conversation is dedicated to creating practical methods where a soul can connect deeply with God.

Above is a photo of the most important place on earth for me. I have a moniker for this place; it is my womb room. The idea comes from gestation of nine months in a mother gaining sustenance and sustainability of life umbilically from her. Spiritually we need this kind of connection regularly in order to become sustainable humans in this world. Unlike our physical development in our mothers our wombs the spiritual development never ends. So the most practical expression of the Kingdom of Heaven is creating a sacred space for the Lord of our lives to nourish us at a soul level. The creation of your own womb room is an expression all your own. Whatever floats your boat go for it. Here is mine.

The centerpiece is that chair. In my adolescence I sat on that foot stool and listened to the hero of my life, my grandfather, pour into me. He sat in that chair and helped me with my turbulent teen years. We were so connected that he willed his special chair to me when he died in 1977. It still has the original threadbare fabric covering the well-used cushions. I often think I can smell the hand rolled cigarettes using the famous Half and Half tobacco in the green and red foil pouch. If I lay my head back I can smell the “thick grandpa coffee” he would drink in the mornings or the neat Jim Beam in the evenings mixed with the Old Spice aftershave on his always clean shaven face. Next to his chair is a candle with an evergreen scent. There is The Holy Bible and a hand written journal on the end table. Outside the window is a bird bath with a bird feeder to remind us that the Father cares for all creatures great and small and that sometimes he uses us to supply the needed resources. The photo below is from an occasional visitor to the bird sanctuary. This raptor lives close by keeping the squirrels from consuming an inordinate amount of seed intended for the birds. God’s economy is perfect.

There is music to complete the womb room.

Most days I wake early, I am a morning person, slip on house shoes saunter out to turn on the coffee maker pad out to fill the bird bath and put out seed. Returning inside I pour a cup of hot joe and settle in for the necessary umbilical spiritual feeding. I will never stop this now habitual practice. It is the most important part of my life. I invite the Father God, His Son Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit to abide. Simple! Just like when I was learning from my hero in my adolescence I am now being taught relationally by the creator of the entire universe. And you can too!

My encouragement is to practically construct a place for you to umbilically connect regularly with the Triune God. Once your construction is complete in the practical anticipate transformation to continue in the soul realms which changes you from the inside out, in the best ways possible. The Kingdom of Heaven can be experienced again and again in such places. After a period of time your womb room becomes a very intimate place one you can’t live without. It facilitates a relationship we can’t live well without. It is how we are supposed to be able to live in the here and now-by continuously practically experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven. Simple!

Please, send us photos of your womb rooms write about how you built them and what happens when you occupy them. Remember this is a dialog.

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