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There is an eating place close to our home opens early closes at 2:30. Good food great coffee and the Kingdom of Heaven. I go there to eat and read and occasionally to write. The Kingdom of Heaven comes in a person, Kim. I recognize her as having a special character, a young beautiful woman with a bright disposition. Now surely hospitality professionals are supposed to be cheery. She is so way beyond that, everything about her is engaging. Over the years I have come to recognize radiant people. The reason for radiance is actually deeper. Often it is the outward expression of an inward work going on.

I discovered by listening, eaves dropping actually, she was engaged to be married and was simply giddy about the entire event to come. I paid my tab with the usual extra to insure professional service and then motioned for her to come over using a beckoning gesture. I said I wanted to be included in her upcoming wedding ceremony. I gave her an extra wad of cash and said, “Here take this use it to buy something important and memorable for your home as a couple.” Surprisingly with tears in her eyes she hugged me. And you guessed it a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven expanded to fill the entire cash register area. I told her about my perception of her radiance and why. She continued to weep very glad she didn’t use mascara that day, not that she ever needed it anyway.

A few weeks went by now returned from honeymooning we met as she waited on me simply glowing like a new bride. During a lull in customer traffic she came and sat down. She and her husband chose to buy a dishwasher with the wad of cash. I had to laugh out loud. That’s romance for you do something time saving. Then she offered that she and her husband are young life leaders. BINGO! I knew it her radiance is a reflection of her life of spirit and of giving of herself, first to her very blessed husband, then to her young life charges, and then ultimately to the customers at the eating place.

I gave her a copy of the book Life After Heaven. I asked her to read it and wanted to dialog with her about her reactions. I also would like to visit with her young life group about the Kingdom of Heaven. I plan to talk about the spiritual aspects of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now.

All of that from a sense of radiance born of a soul surrendering to Christ inside! This is an example of a spiritual facet of the Kingdom of Heaven. And a relationship is ongoing which often includes getting a hug from your hospitality worker who is so much more. Life living, life giving, people are part of living within bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven. These articles are written to invite you into such a life. Come and experience life as it is meant to be engaged!

Next week another practical facet of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven.

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