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Welcome again to another spiritual facet of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven. The above picture is of the two men on the road to Emmaus experience with the risen Christ. I chose this spiritual text because of where it occurs in the history of the story of Christ. From my perspective, I have a very different interpretation for how this event actually played out. The actual text in this story can be found in Luke 24 and nowhere else in scripture.

I find it interesting these two men while they were talking with the risen Christ didn’t recognize him at first. I began asking the question “why not?” I want to offer an explanation. It was not until they were sitting with Jesus beginning to share a meal when all of a sudden they recognized him. When they did he then quickly disappeared. What’s up with that? I mean really? They catch a glimpse of the risen Christ and before they can engage and interpret he vanishes!

“Did not our hearts burn within us while he was talking and walking with us on the road?”

I have two thoughts. First, when was the last time your heart burned within you during the normal course of regular activities? How close were you to a bubble of Heaven when those occur? What happened to make Christ visible to them? I want you to explore with me for a bit. Is it possible that while sharing the meal (serving people as was often Jesus tradition) he touched the men as he handed them food? I believe he did and it was at that moment he became real. Makes one think hummm? One final question: “When was the last time you felt a touch from God? When was the last time he nudged you? Perhaps those nudges are opportunities for us to experience bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. This is another tangible manifestation of the truth that the risen Christ is risen indeed all the time and not just when Easter services are celebrated.

Anticipating that the risen Christ would reach over and spiritually touch you might change life forever. Maybe the next time you sit down to ingest food you might pray a prayer of come and touch certainly the food but also those of us gathered to consume it. Around our table, we call it grace. Maybe that is how we can feel the touch of God…..grace.

Until next week where we will talk further about becoming a practical being experiencing bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven….be well!

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