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One of the wonders of electronic communication is the speed of feedback. Among the conversation we have been having is in this facet of spiritual experiences. The picture above is from our service called deposit photos so my apologies if it resembles anyone in particular. A person very much like the icon depicted asked “Where did you receive your Ph.D. in systematic theology? My response was I don’t have any formal training in theology systematic or otherwise.”

To attempt to understand why I am still here and not a continuing resident of Heaven the only place I can go to get those answers are God’s words in the Bible. All of my spiritual studies have a practical focus to understand deep spiritual truth and realities. So after that encounter, I reviewed the book of Matthew. He wrote about the Kingdom fifty-four times according to the NIV translation. Then the disciple John a couple of books of the Bible later recorded the words of Jesus while talking to Pontius Pilot during his trial “My Kingdom is not of this world.” Huh?

Having been to Heaven and not been allowed to stay gives me an experiential advantage. I see the world, this world with bifocals. These bifocals are not a horizontal division between near vision and far vision the line is vertical. It is a split vision. On one side is the real rational world in which I live and breathe catch fish and watch television, the other side is the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven is hiding in plain sight. I am forever anticipating the merger of the two visions into one. Bingo a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven occurs. Occasionally the Kingdom of Heaven ignites and the real rational world takes a decidedly second place. The real rational world takes a back seat to the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a permanent physical or geopolitical place. However, occasionally it is expressed and experienced for a moment in time, a very precious moment, during such moments life changes. For those included in those “moments” the trajectory of their life changes course. I believe the course changes are a navigating point toward a life lived closer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The words of Jesus were for his defense at his trial before his crucifixion. His is a Kingdom which was not for that time in history. But after his resurrection with the sending of the Holy Spirit to work through us His Kingdom of Heaven is continually advancing until one day Jesus will return to complete the plan. I have no idea when that will happen I just know it will occur one day. Until then this task of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven moment by moment, bubble by bubble is an opportunity for our lifetimes!

Final spiritual thought for the week, the word anticipate two paragraphs ago is an important word choice. I am encouraging people to be alert to anticipate experiences of the Kingdom of Heaven. I could have chosen the word “expect”. Using the word expecting instead of anticipating the Kingdom of Heaven crosses a very important line into religion leaving behind of the world of spirit. If I expect the Kingdom of Heaven to ignite in a bubble then it is as if I have God on a leash and he goes wherever I am walking. Oops! Boy, am I in deep weeds. Anticipating means I am ready to respond to whatever the Father is doing which is always His sovereignty and a pure gift. Imagine telling God to heel, and sit and otherwise do dog-like things according to his master he is leached to. It makes me shudder just to think about that idea.

Until next week remember this is a dialog keep reading and responding we will communicate back.

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