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Our Business Group greatly enjoyed and benefited from Steve’s discussion about his life journey and experiences with the tangible aspects (bubbles) of heaven on Earth. As we all are seeking to serve the Lord in the everyday aspects of our life’s, Steve’s message skillfully and humbly presented, provides encouragement and meaningful suggestions for enhancing our own journey – this side of Heaven! The ability to take and respond truthfully to the wide-ranging participant’s questions left many with the feeling of experiencing a glimpse of heaven in the now.

James M. Barthel

Steve spoke about his experience of life in the kingdom of heaven at Denver Seminary to a riveted group of about 60 students and staff. He communicates with authority and compassion in a way that educates the mind and touches the heart.

Howard Baker, Assistant Professor of Christian Formation - Denver Seminary
Steve came to talk to our life group with over 20 millennials and you could hear a pin drop. I’ve not seen the kids so quiet, I looked around making sure they were listening and not on their phones. They were intent on listening to every word that Steve shared about his experience. Steve’s presentation style is peaceful, inviting, powerful and relevant. When sharing about his experience of heaven, Steve engaged the young adults in questions and personal conversation so they could be their questions, doubts and curiosity. All the questions were met with thoughtful and authentic answers. Steve is not about wowing the audience instead he wants to invite you into the Kingdom which is closer than we think or know.
Lori Mateer
I love your book and how you shared your life and the testimony the Lord our God has given you. What an awesome experience it must have been to literally spend time with Jesus in the physical sense. And then taking your time in Heaven to another level by carrying it with you, bringing it home; your time with Jesus produced in you a strong desire to share it in a practical way. Letting us know how we can have moments of Heaven you called bubbles here on this fallen earth. Thanks for being so candid, open and vulnerable. I loved the Q&A, how you shared with others as you took your experience to a different level that your book could not share. You handled each question graciously as though you were addressing that person on an individual basis. Of course, everyone as a believer has a curiosity about Heaven and Jesus, you have been blessed being able to touch and talk to our Savior and then return bringing a part of your moments with Him to us. My life is fuller because you are in it and the testimony you carry.
Cindy Ronlov, Bible Study Leader
Having met him in person, I can say with complete certainty that his intentions in telling this story are 100% in favor of Kingdom advancement. Heaven, as he describes, is closer than most Christians think and all we need to do is volunteer to have our lives and the lives of those around us changed. I can tell this book is going to make a huge impact and I highly recommend the read!
Steve’s story of heaven and back is compelling, emotional, thought provoking, but most importantly actionable. The idea of encountering the kingdom of heaven here on Earth left me wanting more out of life. More out of my marriage, more out of my parenting. Steve’s talk gave me the tools to pursue this more I’ve been searching for.
Mike Ruman, Parenting Academy