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We were supposed to be eating breakfast and conversing about the relative health of an organization. I had been asked to come into the city for a number of presentations, this early morning breakfast was one of them.

In such a place of leadership and influence as D.C., I expected to be engaging Senators and Congressmen about the Kingdom of Heaven. But that morning, I experienced a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven, not with a prominent lobbyist or speaker, but none other than a brand-new graduate, interning at one of the offices in town. She was invited to the breakfast as a “staffer”—someone on the low end of the totem pole.

She happened to pull up a chair right next to where I was seated. This young woman was not just beautiful, but she was radiant. I recognized immediately some special gifts and talents she possessed. As the breakfast meeting progressed, some of the people seated around the table—I’ll call them skeptics—wanted to know exactly how the bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven worked.

I turned to the young woman and began to talk intuitively about her life, and why she was in DC.  A bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven surrounded her in a very lovely, sovereign way. Half-past eight chimed from the clock when her phone began to ring—time to go to work. I kissed her on the cheek like a father would to his daughter, hugged her, and said there is so much more and that the Father wanted to share with her.

After she left, the gentleman seated to my right said he was educated at the Dallas Theological Seminary, where he learned about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Bible. The person of the Holy Spirit was foreign to him for most of his adult life. Having now experienced a real-life bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven, he had a renewed vigor for elements of the Spirit in the here and now. Once someone has experienced the Kingdom of Heaven, it alters their lives forever. The young staffer and the elderly gentlemen both have altered existences for the rest of their lives. The Kingdom of Heaven’s reach is not dictated by age.

This blog post is written in the practical section because it is a practical choice to anticipate that a bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven is just waiting around every corner. Both the young staffer and the elderly leader experienced the Kingdom. It was a practical decision on my part to be available for whatever service the Father had in mind. In this case, it was to set a young woman on a different trajectory for her career and to extend a veteran’s understanding of the Kingdom’s work.

The Kingdom of Heaven is much closer than we have been thinking; all we have to do is open ourselves up to the possibility.

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