Near Death Experience (1 of 52)

Heaven is a real place. I used to think of it as place our souls go after we are done using our earth suits of flesh here. I have learned that Heaven is also in the here and now and accessible to everyone, we have just forgotten that truth. Medical science has come a long way. Many more people will live through what would have been terminal events just a few years ago. In my case forty years ago had I not been in the emergency department of Great Lakes Naval Hospital when I had my “event” I probably would not be sitting here writing this. Immediate trauma medical care likely saved my life. Many more people are going to have experiences similar to mine. Their souls were transported to heaven while their bodies remained here. At some later time there was a reunion of soul and flesh returning to earth to continue to live out life here.

This section of our electronic presence of Life After Heaven is written to those people. Trying to live out life in the here and now after having been in heaven is a difficult road to travel. I would know I have forty years of experiences. These seven blog posts will create a grid from which people with near death experiences can reinterpret their lives.

After my Great Experience in That Place coming back to the real world is a stark almost violent contrast. Compared to heaven this is the land of bland. There is an omnipresent urge to return to heaven. Life in the here and now just doesn’t satisfy. The most dramatic exciting events here pale in comparison to what it’s like there. So what are we to do now?

That is the question for those for us who have shared near death experiences.

As a Christian I retreated into my spiritual roots. I trust in the sovereignty of the Father God. Below is a reprint image from the gallery of Jake Weidmann Artist and Master Penman. You can see other parts of his work at Jake The image was created on a park bench across the street from Sandy Hook elementary school located in Newtown Connecticut. A gunman killed twenty children and eight adults in December 2012. When we look back at that event we mourn. Jake sat on that bench asking the Father what he was doing in New Town on that fateful day. I know those 20 children were snatched from this world and will be forever in heaven experiencing what it is like to be inside pure joy. They would not want to return here. The scripture verse comes from Jesus words in Matthew 10:24 where he is saying not a sparrow falls to the ground apart from his notice. If the Father of all notices sparrows falling then He is also sovereign over everything else. Innocent children in an elementary school are His. We who have experienced heaven have had that experience for a reason, a very sovereign reason.

Discovering the reason we are still alive is the mission of our lives; to make sense of why we are still here. These pages will help people in those pursuits. The Father has purpose in all this perhaps together we can find it. Keep reading see you next week.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. Matthew 10:29 used by permission copyright Jake Weidmann

Can you look into this image and see the Father looking back at you? He can, will, and does every day of your life!


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