Kingdom of Heaven in our emotions (5 of 52)

Discovering the Kingdom of Heaven within our emotions seems logical but in fact it is just the opposite. I was interviewing someone last week for some of our cyber work. Everything we do here is relationship oriented. So we don’t just retain web designers we interview the people first and then look for the knowledge skills and abilities we need to serve our organization as a second priority. I asked a feeling question which was answered with a logical response. When I asked the same question again with some direct narrative on what had just happened the person got very uncomfortable an changed the subject altogether. The internal dialog must have gone something like this: What does emotional fulfillment have to do with my services as a web designer. I had asked the person when they felt the most fulfilled in their life activities. I am trying to understand how this person is wired. It will help me to develop a solid work environment with them.

What I have learned over all these years is that we have developed sophisticated mechanisms designed to protect the very core of our emotional selves. It makes complete sense in our current culture to have all the defense barriers fully up and totally secure. We have learned from early childhood experiences to build these structures in order to protect our deepest self. I think of these as the cocoons we build in order to secure our safety and development. So when we encounter emotional circumstances which require an emotional response we often find ourselves as a loss to determine how to respond. When I say the word intimacy what picture forms in your mind…..and where do your emotions go as a follow on to that imagery?

In many of my experiences of bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now I have often encountered powerful emotion. It seems that the Father works to break through the layers of the defenses we have built in order to extend His love and care to people. The aftermath of those encounters with the Kingdom leave people in the very unusual place of pure joy with total freedom. The layers of defense created for safety have actually been a quiet incarceration as well. We have just become so used to the comforts of emotional jail.

This emotional facet of the Kingdom of Heaven teaches people how to remove layer by layer to world’s idea of security and replaces it with the kind of security created by Heaven. As we get closer to Heaven, as we have more encounters with bubbles of Heaven, we have less and less need for artificial structures for protection. The Spirit of the Lord is protection enough for every person. Emotional health is the result. If we become emotionally healthy how much more then can we achieve physical health. How much is physical health connected to our souls? I am guessing a majority of the maladies of today are rooted in our emotional diseases.

This facet of the Kingdom of Heaven is a key to complete health starting with emotion then bleeding over into the physical as a normal expression of the Lordship takes hold. Are you ready to unlock the cell door of the emotional jail you have built? If your answer is there is no jail cell I am completely sound in my emotional make-up then go back and look deeply at the pictures above do they move you? If not you may be in a jail cell so well built you don’t even notice it. Hummmm!

Until next week when we will address insight……

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