Kingdom of Heaven (7 of 52)


The central organizing construct of all our lives drives all kinds of behavior.

Within the limits of twenty four hours each day, seven days each week, fifty two weeks each year, and finally eighty seven years of average life expectancy we live chained to the clock of life. What if we were not so incarcerated to the clocks? Would life somehow be different?

One of the residual joys of experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven over and over and over again is the incredible sense of the reduction of the passage of time. Over the years people have commented, “Life seems to operate within suspended animation when we are together.” “It seems to actually move more slowly.” Within the Kingdom of Heaven there is a truth that the norms of this world are somehow held back. They do not have the same grip of centrality to them. Time is included within this facet.

What if we adopted a Kingdom of Heaven world view on time? Do you believe you can change the way you embrace the reality of time?

Part of my professional calling as a servant to people in the area of finances is the fact I am often engaged literally electron to electron within the Wall Street system. Whoa talk about speed merchants. Watching the electronics on the floor of the exchanges always makes me shudder. At my company, Destiny Capital we operate on a totally different pace of patience. Slow down! You tend to get a much more harmonious outcome. Breathe in breathe out, relax be intentional. If we can do this to Wall Street can you do this in your world? I am hopeful you can organize around a Kingdom of Heaven truth of a different pace of work life, maybe all of life.

One of my heroes growing up was my grandfather George Meredith Musick. He used to tell me God does not subtract days from a person’s life spent fishing. [I am personally working on living to 110 using that principle, sure hope he was right!] I am not sure if it is the days spent fishing or the sheer fact that fishing requires a wonderful skill of patience. Living in an uncanny zone where the normal constructs of space and time are suspended. Maybe my grandfather experienced bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven while he fished. Maybe that is why he lived so well for so long?

Living within suspended animation in a peaceful pace of life noticeably different than the constant whirrrr of the marketplace in which we operate can certainly help people to experience the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now. Try some of the ideas brought forth in the practical section of this electronic presence (we are building out an entire years worth of material week to week.) Come and see if any of what we are suggesting resonates within your souls. Perhaps we can chose to live to 110 and live well to boot.

Next week we will continue with another near death experience story.

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