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This communication is a Rx for accelerating insight. It is the difference between slogging through ankle deep mud and running on solid ground. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is our rational self. We make it harder for ourselves to become smarter quicker. You read that correctly we are our own stumbling blocks toward experiencing insight.

While we are awake our rational systems are alert and functioning taking the controls. Awake we are rational people. When we sleep however the rational part of us switches off. It’s like C3PO in the Star Wars movie telling Luke Skywalker I’ll be shutting down for a while. Because we are all flesh we need regeneration through sleep. But we are also spirit and our spirit never sleeps, ever! So the best way to accelerate the progress toward insight is to invite the Kingdom of Heaven into our nocturnal hours. When we sleep our rational self goes offline it no longer filters out the spiritual dimension of life. It is possible then to even though we sleep our souls can be awake and working-learning-accelerating our insight. A prayer, “Lord even though my flesh is done wasted tired and worn out my soul nonetheless is wide awake and hungry for you for your wisdom. Give me dreams and visions and the gift of interpreting what you are showing me. Make my soul alert for you and your leading.”
I believe everyone can encounter the Kingdom of Heaven in dreams and visions. Please look back at the picture above. See that post-it pad and the sharpie. It is a very important tool. When we invite the Father into our nocturnal sojourns we can anticipate he will take us up on the offer. I believe all of us dream all the time. We just don’t remember the engagements. So try this on for size. On your night table put a post-it pad and a Sharpie. When you awake from a dream, and I am willing to bet you will begin having more over time as you offer up your nocturnal time to experience the Kingdom of Heaven, write down a few keywords to the dream. Those notes on the pad above are from last night.

I invite the Kingdom of Heaven into my evening hours every night.

Last night I dreamed I was a farmer working a field in the spring getting it ready for planting. I was driving the big tractor pulling behind it the huge disks plowing up a field after a long winter. I was going back and forth trying to get the entire section plowed before sundown. I had been rushing to get done. Having finished I was riding the tractor into the barn but was stopped by my father who put up his hand shaking his head saying, “That won’t do. This year we need to plow deeper.” The dream ends I wake up and write those two words in the sticky note pad. I also went to the bathroom- hey I’m sixty years old give me a break.

Waking up I take the sticky note into my womb room and simply mull over it. Plowing deeper means I needed to slow down let the weight of the disks descend into the earth. Practically I am working on three large projects in my life right now and altogether am finding it hard to get them all done correctly. So I am rushing around feeling pressured. My father passed in 2002 however he is ever present in my dreams. He represents authority in my life both when he was here living, but also now that he resides in Heaven. I know kinda weird huh. But insight can come in such a package.
I am going to alter the deadlines on the projects I am working on to allow for a better, more patient outcome. I am going to PLOW DEEPER.

Had I not written on the sticky note I may not have remembered the dream at all. Yet, with a few cryptic words, I remember all of it. Try it! It is like getting wisdom in hyper-drive.

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