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Sometimes experiencing a practical bubble of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now in this practical facet starts with having something really bad occur which you have the opportunity to turn to something good. We were completing the annual task of reviewing the compensation of our entire organization. We always want to compare what we are paying our people compared to the open market and then applying a factor for the rather vibrant Denver market in which we compete for human resources.

One member of our staff was not taking full advantage of some of our benefits we offer as a firm. If employees option in to a benefit we cost share with them. It turned out that Sharrie was leaving some cash on the table every pay period. Something was amiss. After our compensation review meeting I pulled Sharrie aside and asked why she was leaving money on the table. Last year she slipped on a patch of ice incurred a large medical bill way above her coverage deductible and before her major medical benefits started coverage. Healthcare these days is a great challenge. The payments she was making to the hospital which included a hefty interest charge were sucking out a chunk of her residual cash flow. She had to cut somewhere so her benefits were one of the items to change. This had been going on for a number of months.

That night I mentioned this development at our evening meal with my beloved Elaine. We both had something “go off” in our souls indicating we needed to do something about this. We have a fund designed to pay for health care expenses Elaine and I being healthy that fund had been building up for quite a few years. We had not had to tap the fund we see this as God’s grace to us practically and simple. We decided to consider Sharrie a member of our fund family and wanted to work something out with the hospital to cover her total bill. We asked the hospital to arrange for a cash payment even getting a discount to liquidate the balance.

When we announced to Sharrie our family fund included her she encountered one of those bubbles of the Kingdom of Heaven she had been reading about. I leaned forward hugged her and practically said welcome to Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is closer than we think.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like getting out from underneath a situation when it appears there are no other alternatives. There are always alternatives with God.

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